RUD and innovation

"Pushing the Edge: The Future We Create"


Top 100We’re setting the newest technological standards. We don’t imitate; we innovate. Our position as a leader in technological innovation has always been an essential part of our business strategy and our vision.

Our over 140 years of experience is unparalleled on the market.

All of our products have one thing in common: advanced technology. This technology is developed through our numerous R&D partnerships with research institutions, universities, suppliers and customers. It’s based on our expertise, our creativity and our tendency to never merely accept things as they are. We’re always curious and open to new ideas.

As an innovative technological trendsetter, we succeed in establishing new technologies, new product features or even new standards (which later become generally accepted) for our products and services in key industries and market segments.

We have to continue to develop our strong technological position, especially with regard to the key technologies and innovations that give us our competitive edge, now and in the future. At RUD, our products and services set us apart from the competition, and always provide our customers with significant added benefits


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